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Our New Champion Aljamar Witch Doctor, and coming Champion Birchhurst Never Say Die "Rocky"

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Our new Wire Fox Terrier puppies are cute, healthy, smart and playful. They have great potential, as high -class pets or for show conformation or obedience. Some have saddles, partial saddles or are hound marked. Rarely we get a white pup with a tan head.

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"Bandit" Birchhurst Wire Fox Terrier
Champion "Birchhurst Bandit"
Great disposition.  Grandson of Ch. Galsul Excellence.
Since 1962 we have been working hard to produce top quality show Wire Fox Terriers......

Frank Ortolani of the Hetherington Kennels, Cincinnati, got me started right with 2 champions plus stud services to the great Champion Deko Druid. Then Eve Ballich of Eve Wire Kennels helped me by providing advice and bloodlines.

More recently Peter Green has been a big help in helping me get Champion Cottleston Catalyst and CH Rismount Playwrite (Smartie).  

My Wire Fox Terriers are sweet hearts to
 live with and a joy to behold.. 
Always my comment was the same.  
I won't sacrifice disposition.  As a result today we
 have not only the best bloodlines, 
our Wire Fox Terriers do well in 
the show ring, but their pups are loves.
Birchhurst Terriers are socialized from birth.

It is not uncommon for one of my customers to write "people stop me all the time to tell me that my Wire belongs in the show ring." My pups are sweet hearts to live with and a joy to behold. We offer free booklets on Wire Fox Terriers.

New Champion "Birchhurst Never Say Die" (Rocky)
Being shown by Peter Green.


Disposition is what we have worked so hard for. It has taken me 25 years to develop the kind of disposition that I want in a Wire Fox Terrier --- the kind I know you want also.

I want a sweet, loving and affectionate dog --- one that has a great intelligence and is a member of the family, not just an outsider looking in.

I believe this can be bred into dogs just like head length and other physical traits. To accomplish this, I started looking for Champion Wire Fox Terriers with great dispositions, also.  When I locate one, I sent my best female there to be bred. Over the past 25 years I did this many times, always keeping the best for breeding.

Responsible, Honest dog breeders contact Birchhurst.
"Birchhurst Molly's Choice"
 (Paddy) on his way to his championship.

I have now developed a strain of Wire Fox Terrier that is a remarkable pet. He is fun to live with. Who wants a nervous, barky dog? Not me. I do want a loyal, easy-going dog who loves to play ball and games with my children.

I want a dog that has the courage to defend me if I need help --- no matter how big that burglar or attacker might be. I want a dog that is handsome, that walks with a spring in his step - head erect, ears forward and with a tail that could carry a flag. I want others to admire my dog.

Many of our dogs are Champions.

Champion "Chauncy of Special Edition" at stud at Florida Kennel Location.

In the evening, I want my dogs to curl up in my lap
or to sleep next to my son --- a family dog. 

If you buy a dog from me, it is because disposition is important to you, also.
Remember, Not all dog breeders are alike! Get references!

Birchurst Believe It Wire Fox Terrier

"Birchhurst Believe It" on his way to
his Championship.

Birchurst Believe It Wire Fox Terrier

What Could Be Merrier Than A
Wire Fox Terrier?

Could anything be merrier
Than a Wire Fox Terrier?

He's full of pep and always fun,
Ready to play and loves to run.

Chase the ball or tug of war,
Filled with love right to the core.

A friend to the end of his wagging tail--
Count on him, he will not fail.

What's nicer than this loyal pet?
There's not a thing, you can bet!

by Joyce Mc Ilvried Buckingham

For Honest - Reputable dog breeders contact:

Joyce Mc Ilvried Buckingham
120 Ocean Spray Court
Vero Beach, Florida 32963
(772) 234-8317
Beth Foraker
8472 Dog Trot Ln.
Morgan Town, IN 46160
(812) 597-5611
Amy Swoboda
11580 Peach Tree Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44026
(440) 729-2963
Lori & Bruce Foraker
126 Captians Court
Durham, NC  27712

(919) 477-5228

Our Champion just now finishing with Peter Green, "Birchhurst Never Say Die" (Rocky) will be residing at the North Carolina Kennel.

For more information about our North Carolina Kennel go to

Who will blink first?

Birchhurst puppy was selected for the Wire fox Terrier Yahoo group's September calendar!


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